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All These Decisions!

When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way.—PSALM 142:3 NIV

“If I have to make one more decision today, I’ll scream!”

The burden of being the main decision-maker in the family can wear thin. It can drain us of our energy reserves. We wonder where to turn and who knows the way.

As caregivers, we regularly face new challenges. At times, we get lost in a maze of choices in providing the best care for our loved one. We have to decide how to manage money, when to restrict freedoms, and when to accept outside care. Often we feel uncertain, anxious, even full of fear.

God promises to help us when our spirit “grows faint.” Oftentimes He’ll do that by bringing other people into our lives to help with the decisions. Some of us have family and friends with whom we can talk. Others can seek out professionals such as ministers, nurses, or social workers. By sorting the options with another person, the decision-making process goes smoother—and we find clarity.

God understands our faint spirits and provides help. Today, let’s take the first step in seeking that assistance. 

Lord, I’m tired, overwhelmed by all these decisions. But for today, I place them into Your hands for guidance and wisdom. You know my way.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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