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Always Steadfast

“All my intimate friends abhor me,and those whom I loved have turned against me.”—JOB 19:19 ESV

Caregiving can be very lonely, especially if you’re the only person responsible for providing it. Even in large families, caregiving duties often fall upon one member.

When days are filled with monotonous and difficult tasks, it’s easy to feel completely deserted. Like Job, many caregivers feel abandoned, even attacked.

Are you feeling that way today? Then talk to the offending parties. A simple misunderstanding may be at the heart of the problem. Your calm and reasoned approach might win a few folks’ support—or even some physical assistance for your tasks.

But some people simply can’t bear to take on caregiving, for whatever reason. If a family member can’t deal with the patient, perhaps she’d be willing to do some shopping instead. Distant family members may form an emotional support group offering frequent e-mails or phone calls.

Even if we are completely deserted by friends and family, caregivers still have a Friend. Jesus provides companionship for all who love Him. When we bring our cares to Him, help is at hand. Whether He sends a friend in need or provides comfort of a sort no human can, He supports us in our well-doing and enhances our well-being.

Our most intimate Friend will never turn away. Jesus is always steadfast.

Lord, help me to forgive those who are not steadfast. I want to trust in You and always do Your will.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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