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An Extravagant God

Change your life, not just your clothes. Come back to God, your God. And here’s why: God is kind and merciful. He takes a deep breath, puts up with a lot, this most patient God, extravagant in love.—JOEL 2:13 MSG

There are times when we are exhausted and discouraged and we allow our minds to roam to dark places. Despair and disappointment set in. A woe-is-me attitude prevails. How do we rise from the doldrums? How do we continue? We turn our faces toward the Lord God and know that He is in control.

Scripture tells of God’s mercy and loving-kindness. It speaks to us to come back to God. This doesn’t necessarily mean a change of circumstances, but a change of heart. And this change is a choice we intentionally make. It’s not necessary to be in a church building or revival tent. While many changes happen there, ours can be in our closet, our car, our office. We reach inwardly to the Highest and ask for His mercy. And scripture says He is merciful.

Focusing on the negative—choosing despair—doesn’t bring life. Voluntarily focusing on Jesus will. Praise Him for all your blessings: They are there, look for them! Some might be tiny, others magnificent. But they’re all because of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a most patient God and extravagant in His love.

Heavenly Father, I praise Your name. You are extravagant in Your love, filling me to overflowing! I am grateful for all You’ve done.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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