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Embracing Change

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.—2 THESSALONIANS 3:5 NIV

Most people don’t like change. But being a caregiver brings a lot of change into our lives. Why do we want to resist it?

Change can fill us with fear. It can take away our sense of security. Self-doubt and feelings of powerlessness can invade our mind and emotions. We want our old lives back—those days when we knew the rules. But in caregiving, everything feels uncertain and unpredictable.

God has promised, though, to direct us through all the twists and turns of life. That guarantee should give us hope and strength. Knowing that, we can step away from our situation momentarily, take a deep breath, and proceed. Then, with the courage He offers, we can move forward on our new path. Even if our direction is unclear, we know we can take at least the first step. As we put one foot in front of the other, the path will eventually be revealed.

And God’s love will continue to guide our steps along this new road.

Direct my way, Lord. Give me strength to embrace the changes in my life. I don’t see where I am going or how I will do this, but I know that Your guidance and Christ’s perseverance will lead my way.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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