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Endurance Contest

If we endure, we will also reign with him.—2 TIMOTHY 2:12 NIV

Caregiving can seem like an immense endurance contest—one that covers a huge distance and rarely allows anyone a breather. It’s not simply that caregivers need to provide physical care or transportation to doctors. They also provide comfort and strength, keep up with household chores and responsibilities, and take on a host of other daily tasks. Just when they reach the apex of one hill, another looms ahead.

Even above the caregiving duties, there’s often a career that requires time and energy. Other family members need attention. We want to contribute in church. The rest of life doesn’t end when caregiving starts.

So it’s not surprising that depression is common among those giving care. They’re worn out with the constant effort to keep up—and if sleep eludes them, weariness washes over their souls.

How can caregivers keep on track? Not by reviewing the laundry list of undone tasks or mulling over the people who “should have” helped. Such a focus never lifts the spirits. Instead, let’s look to our ultimate future: As we trust in the Lord, we’re winning an eternal contest and storing up heavenly blessings.

God hasn’t deserted us, so let’s stand firm in Him.

I want to win this contest for You, Lord. Give me the strength I need to remain faithful.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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