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Faith for the Future

“Be strong and courageous….Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”—1 CHRONICLES 28:20 NIV

When illness and pain are life’s constants and the disease that ravages our loved one’s body promises more pain, we are inclined to become tense, fearing the future.

One caregiver, whose husband suffered from a debilitating disease, said, “We were so afraid of the future, so afraid of increased suffering and of not making it through the next year or the next month, that we worried all the time. We didn’t enjoy the time we had.” She regretted that she’d wasted so much time in fear.

When reasons to hope don’t exist and dread shadows in the present, cling to God. He is present. He will provide for every need. He will make you strong and offer you courage.

If we wallow in fear, we do not learn the lesson of faith that God is eager to teach us. Faith is surrender to Him and His care. Ask Him to turn your fear to faith. With faith we can live and enjoy today.

God, I am so afraid. I am afraid of what this illness will do to my loved one. I am afraid that we will not be able to stand the pain, that we will not have the resources to get through the days ahead. But You have provided for me today, and You promise to take care of my future. Help me to trust You.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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