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Heart Cares

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.—PSALM 94:19 ESV

“Cares of the heart” are an open book to all caregivers. We’ve not only read these stories, but we’ve lived in them moment by moment.

A multitude of life-cares may overwhelm and threaten to destroy us—like the evil man the psalmist describes as crushing God’s people (Psalm 94:5). We may fear failure and find elusive the promised “rest from days of trouble” (Psalm 94:13). But in all our worries, one need not overcome us: We need never doubt that our Lord knows and cares about the troubles that lie on our hearts. When they press us down, He offers consolation suited to our needs. His tender heart has not ignored the pain of our situation, though it may have lasted long and deeply weighed upon our hearts.

Just when we thought we could go on no longer, help came. A phone call, a visit from a friend, or information that solved a thorny dilemma appeared just when we needed it. Nor did our spirits lack help: When we wanted to give up, comfort came to our hearts from a strengthening Bible verse.

Let us never doubt God’s love and care, no matter what we face. His comfort is always near. In our pain, we need to constantly reach out to Him for cheer.

Lord, I thank You for Your comfort and strength when I feel only weakness. Please keep me from failing. Lift the worries from my mind. Cheer my soul with Your tender love and compassion. Fill me with Your might and courage.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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