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Heart Listening

Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand.”—MATTHEW 15:10 NIV

“She repeats the same story over and over again,” we whine. We lose count how many times we’ve heard the same old tiring tale about…or the repeated saga of…

God hears our stories over and over again, too. But He listens—and not just with His ears, but with His heart. That’s a great lesson for caregivers.

Heart listening is perceiving the story behind what’s actually being said. Some people enjoy reliving experiences from the past. Others find that storytelling helps them connect with people and places from their younger days. Revisiting the past helps them cope with present-day tensions.

Listening with our hearts opens our eyes to new lessons we may otherwise not see. Does that oft-repeated story hold information on our family heritage? Does the account contain history worth remembering? Is it celebrating an important event? Is there a value or legacy being passed on? God knows that storytelling gives value and meaning to our lives—why else would He have put so many in His Word?

The next time we hear that “same old story,” let’s listen with our heart. Hearing as God does, with love and understanding, adds significance and meaning to the stories shared by others.

Lord of all, You know each of our stories and hold them deep within Your heart. Open my ears to hear the important meaning each time.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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