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Honoring the Days

A hoary head is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.—PROVERBS 16:31 [RSV]

I had just finished setting the plates and silverware around my mother’s big oak table. She’d served countless meals at this table for her children, grandchildren and guests. Now it was me doing the cooking and serving for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren while she watched. She was already seated at the head of the table.

After everyone had settled into their chairs, I realized my family was waiting on me to give thanks for the meal. I looked at my mother. Could she do this, say grace? Even with the inconsistencies that age had brought to her speech?

I nodded at her. “Mom?”

The prayer that poured out of her truly honored and spoke to the days that she had lived. It was as if a prophet had pulled up a chair at the table. My mother’s speaking voice regained its old-time clarity and fairly rang clear to heaven. It was eloquent in timbre and turn of phrase, earnest in humility and thankfulness.

The moment spurred me to try to keep looking past the frailties, weaknesses and foibles brought on by age. And remember instead the grand achievements of a long life—the love, faith and courage needed to live life well.

Father, help me to honor the days of life that you bring to each of us, whether those days are brief or span decades.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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