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A time to cry and a time to laugh.—ECCLESIASTES 3:4 (NIV)

On a recent outing with my three best friends, we each shared our ongoing troubles: problems with aging parents, losing siblings who died young and serious health issues with our loved ones. We have all reached an age when caregiving has become an increasingly big part of our lives. We cried together for our own struggles and for the struggles of each other.

When we went for a drive, one of my friends handed each of us a rubber duck. “Take it, they’re just for fun!” We rolled down the car windows and sang songs from the eighties. I’m sure more than one of us was off-key. The warmth of the sun hit my face, and matched the warmth I felt inside at that moment. We all danced our ducks out the open windows, and I laughed until tears cascaded down my cheeks, a different kind of tears than we’d shed earlier.

Now, I keep my duck on my desk next to my computer as a reminder of how much laughter is good for the soul. Often as caregivers there are many reasons to weep. Part of taking care of ourselves is finding time to laugh.

Father, thank you for the gift of laughter. Continue to give me opportunities to laugh until the tears roll down my cheeks.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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