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Life Preservers

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.—PSALM 119:50 NIV

It’s the law for boaters in many states: Always wear your life preserver. The purpose is simple. A life preserver keeps people afloat—and their heads above water—should they accidentally fall overboard. The device’s buoyancy can even keep an unconscious person afloat in a face-up position as long as it’s worn properly.

In the caregiving process, God is our life preserver. When we are battered by the waves of trouble, we can expect God to understand and to comfort us in our distress. His Word, like a buoyant life preserver, holds us up in the bad times.

But the life preserver only works if you put it on before your boat sinks. To get into God’s life jacket, put your arms into the sleeves of prayer and tie the vest with biblical words. God will surround you with His love and protection—even if you’re unconscious of His presence. He promises to keep our heads above water in the storms of caregiving. 

Preserving God, I cling to You as my life preserver. Keep my head above the turbulent water of caregiving so I don’t drown. Bring me safely to the shore.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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