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“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”—MATTHEW 6:34 NIV

So many things race through our minds when we’re providing care for someone. What will the next day or week or month hold? How will the test results turn out? How am I going to meet the needs of the rest of my family? When can I find some time for myself so I can regroup? Before long, our attention has shifted from the real needs of the present to the unrealized fears of another day.

God doesn’t want us borrowing trouble from the future. He wants us to see how He’s meeting our needs on this particular day. When we’re busy projecting our worries on the days ahead, we miss what He’s doing in our lives right now.

Think back to a day when you wondered how you’d have strength to get from sunrise to sunset. But you did it—because God gave you His power, not for tomorrow or next month, but right when you needed it.

God knows each day has its issues. But He told us not to worry, because when the next day comes He’ll be right there again, ready to equip us for whatever we need to do. God is our caregiver. Let Him minister to you this day. 

God, I’m glad that You only ask me to think upon this day. I needn’t worry because You know my needs and will meet them according to Your will.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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