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Misunderstood Mission

For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself.—ROMANS 14:7 NKJV

Some days we wonder why we got ourselves into this caregiving situation. Friends or family may treat us as if we’re foolish to give up so much of our lives for such a demanding, unpaid job. Be it ever so subtly, they’ll remind us that our careers are really important. Or they’ll imply that our immediate family suffers from our current commitment.

As an intense caring mode consumes our lives, we learn the realities of living to serve another. It’s hard to think of the future when the immediate present takes so much of our strength. We may even wonder if we have a future.

Friends and family may mean well, but now is not the time to be distracted from the critical needs at hand. We shouldn’t stop loving those who don’t understand what we do. But we should use our lives to show the doubters how important each of God’s children is—even those in less-than-perfect health.

As we live to serve the Lord and a failing human being, God blesses us. The needs of the future will wait. But don’t worry—the Lord will deal with them at their proper time.

Thank You, Lord, for supporting me, even when others don’t understand my mission.

Adapted from
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