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Not Control, but Love

“Honor your father and your mother.”—EXODUS 20:12 (NIV)

As we arrived at the cancer center, my mother informed me that she had been unable to walk on her left foot that
morning. She refused to use a wheelchair, and even refused to use my dad’s walker.

Halfway to the check-in desk, I decided enough was enough. This wasn’t safe. I told her to stop. I pulled my dad’s walker in front of her and escorted her to the waiting room.

We sat down to wait her turn for lab work. When her name was called, I moved the walker right in front of her, gave her “the eye” and held out my hand to help her. She surrendered, and then she pulled me forward and kissed my forehead.

When I was a child, her word had been law, but that day my word had to be followed. Not out of control, but out of love.

Dear God, grant me the courage to take the leading role when I need to as I care for my loved one.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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