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Renewable Source of Energy

To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.—COLOSSIANS 1:29 NIV

Wind, sun, water, and geothermal are all examples of renewable energy sources. These abundant and powerful assets supply our power needs to fuel our homes and businesses.

As caregivers, we also need energy to complete our tasks. Our daily labor drains our strength when we try to complete our work solely in our own power. A lack of energy can be a symptom of trying to do too much on our own rather than relying on God. Think of it this way: Have you ever tried to move furniture by yourself? When others help out, we draw on their energy and power to share the load.

When our energy runs low, where can we turn for renewal? To God. But before doing so, we must admit that we are trying to work all by ourselves. We must also recognize that negative emotions, like anger and disappointment, sap our energy.

When we then take stock of ourselves and ask God for help, He promises us access to His unlimited source of energy. His bottomless supply is ready for tapping. All we need to do is plug into His power by pausing in His presence, soaking up His love and comfort.

God will sustain us in our struggles when we refuel with prayer, reading His Word, and basking in His presence. His energy works within us as an abundant and powerful asset to renew our strength.

Energetic Father, work within me with Your renewable power. Thank You for being my source of strength and energy. Your power is abundant and knows no limits.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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