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Servant of Christ

These things I command you, that ye may love one another.—JOHN 15:17 ASV

When God calls you to be a caregiver, love takes on a whole new meaning. There will be sleep loss, financial sacrifice, strained schedules, uncomfortable accommodations, and relentless sacrifice. To equip yourself to “love one another,” you must first take care of yourself. Allow yourself breaks; ask for help when you need it. Recognize that though you have personal limits, you have much to give from the well of God’s resources.

It takes many of us a while to realize that we can’t do everything for our loved ones. We fight guilt. But when we finally accept the fact that healthy caregiving involves an ebb and flow in the daily routine, our caretaking demonstrates a new creativity. We don’t have to do the job alone. We don’t have to push ourselves to our physical limits.

Having taken time for ourselves to pursue rest and refreshment, we are more joyful, ready to bless our loved ones with simple surprises—making a favorite dessert or bringing home a funny stuffed animal from a shopping spree.

Even Jesus chose to take time in retreat. In the Gospels, we regularly see Him retreating from the crowds for solitude and prayer. It is through our relationship with our Lord that we find the deep well of strength to truly “love one another.”

Heavenly Father, help me rest and reflect, retreating to Your presence, so that I might be able to love others with renewed vigor.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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