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Sing a New Song

Everything has happened just as I said it would….Tell the whole world to sing a new song to the Lord!…Join in the praise.—ISAIAH 42:9–10 CEV

Jeremiah loved his people, but the message God called him to preach was a harsh one—judgment was coming. Along with God’s call to Jeremiah came a caveat: “I have put My words in your mouth. But, Jeremiah, they’re not going to listen to you. In fact, they are going to persecute you, punish you, and even try to kill you. But you continue to speak My words to them, and I will protect you and deliver you.”

When the high priest, Pashhur, heard Jeremiah preach against Judah’s sin and proclaim the coming judgment, he put Jeremiah in the stocks. But as soon as Pashhur released him, Jeremiah spoke judgment against Pashhur himself (Jeremiah 20).

Later, Jeremiah complained to God that every time he opened his mouth to speak His Word, he was made a laughingstock, a mockery to his people. His obedience resulted in reproach and derision. But in the midst of his complaint, Jeremiah burst forth in a song of praise to God for delivering him from the hands of his persecutors.

When you are misunderstood and your motives are questioned, sing to the Lord a new song of deliverance and praise. He will deliver His people, no matter how impossible the circumstances are.

Father, I lift up my song of praise to You today, for You alone can deliver me from the enemy’s clutches.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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