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Touches of Heaven

Do everything in love.—1 CORINTHIANS 16:14 [NIV]

My mother had taken a bad fall, which brought on several strokes, partially incapacitating her, requiring 24/7 care. My husband, Terry, and I moved in with her and my stepdad as their temporary caregivers.

Once a happy person, my 89-year-old mother now carried a hostile mood. She saw my helping her as controlling prison tactics. She had the gall to describe my meals, which I saw as culinary achievements, as “roadkill.” Bath time was a potential wrestling match, so I hired a professional nurse for that.

My dear mother was not receptive to my care!

One morning I entered her bedroom while she was still sleeping. She looked so sweet and vulnerable. I realized at that moment how much I simply wanted to show my mother love, not forced control. I asked the Lord to help me achieve this.

In the days that followed, I felt led to begin my caregiving with a new approach. Instead of trying to control Mother, I focused on caring for her through God’s eyes. Soon, I began to see moments of caring for her that were really touches of heaven.

Mother still had her moments of aggression and orneriness. But I learned to focus on blessed and unexpected moments—a cherished smile, a sweet gesture, or a shared memory that broke through her challenges.

Dear Lord, thank you for showing me how to change my focus in looking after my loved one.

Adapted from
Strength & Grace Magazine

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