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Someone Cares: 12:31

A daily reminder to pray improves a former professional athlete’s life immensely.

Someone Cares: 12:31

I had my dream job—playing professional basketball. I’d joined a Swiss team right out of college. But being so far away from my mom and infant son made me terribly homesick. My mom’s a pastor, so her answer to every difficulty is to “take it to the Lord.” It didn’t seem right for me to be complaining about achieving my dream. So I decided to try gratitude instead.

I thought about my family and all of my many blessings and about how thankful I was just to be alive. That made me think of my birthday: December 31. I set an alarm on my cell phone to go off every day at 12:31 p.m. to remind me to pray. It made all the difference. My basketball pro days may be over, but six years later, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, my phone’s alarm still goes off every day at 12:31. And I still pray.

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