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Your life is a rich, complex, and precious thing. Share your zest for life with inspiring life quotes that capture the beauty and mystery of your journey. Life quotes can reaffirm long-held beliefs or inspire you to adjust your thinking. Let quotes about life prompt you to reflect on your values and priorities, and rededicate yourself to your most cherished beliefs every day.

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Latest Life Quotes

The Laws of Physics Applied to Life: Objects in motion want to stay in motion. Start moving in a positive direction and your momentum will carry you forward.

Jenny Serigano, Science Teacher

There are only two responses to the world: fear or love. Your life depends on which one you choose.

Deepak Chopra, Author

I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying yes than by saying no.

Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

You and you alone are the only person who can live the life that writes the story that you were meant to tell.

Kerry Washington, Actress

When we relinquish the punishing need for perfection—or rather, let go of the fear of not being perfect—we find freedom, joy and all the other good stuff we want in life.

Reshma Saujani, Author

Try to have good days and bad moments. Life is too short to have a bad day.

Advice from a friend of authors Stephen Klemich and Mara Klemich

Most humans are never fully present in the now, becauswe unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. And that’s a revelation for some people. To realize that your life is only ever now.

Eckhart Tolle, Writer

The bad news: Time flies. The good news: You’re the pilot.

Mark Lachs, Author

No story sits by itself. Our lives connect like threads on a loom, interwoven in ways we never realize.

Mitch Albom, Author

Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery and reflection are essential parts of the progress toward a successful and happy life.

from the blog 'The Minds Journal'

The way we deal with loss shapes our capacity to be present to life more than anything else.

Rachel Naomi Remen, Author

If your life is off-key, maybe it’s because you’ve been deafened by the negative self-talk that doesn’t let God get a word in edgewise.

Mark Batterson, from 'Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God'

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