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Creative Ways for Families to Bond During Lent

Our creative ideas will help your family be inspired and grow closer to God.

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Looking for some Lent ideas for your family? Look no further! Here are some great ideas to help you get started. Lent is a time of reflection and renewal, a season best spent with your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for activities, recipes, or ways to connect spiritually, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to enter into this special season with intention and purpose—and experience the meaning of Lent.

What are some creative ideas for things to give up for Lent as a family?

For families seeking a creative way to express devotion this Lent season, consider giving up something together. There are so many possibilities, from the simple (a particular food or beverage) to the more elaborate (tech devices). Working together as a family and giving up something outside the normal traditions of Lent could be a fun exercise in spiritual connection and shared sacrifice.

Use your imagination to come up with things that can unite your family. For example,  playing board games with your family or engaging in outdoor activities can be great opportunities for family bonding. Whatever it is you decide to do, use Lent as an opportunity to bring your family closer in faith.

How can you make giving up something for Lent fun and meaningful for the whole family?

Lent can be an inspiring family experience, no matter how old the participants are. Though giving up something meaningful is traditionally part of Lenten observance, it doesn’t have to be all solemnity. Ask every family member to come up with one thing they’d like to give up during Lent, whether it be putting aside electronics or giving up treats for healthier snacks.

Then at the end of each day, gather around with cups of hot cocoa to share your experiences with the sacrifices of the past 24 hours. Ask your kids to consider how they are benefiting from the sacrifice. Enjoying this ritual together will encourage everyone to keep going. Embracing some friendly competition might work, too; who can go the longest without their favorite sweet treat?

Make it a point to keep the conversation encouraging with positive topics and affirmations rather than complaints and negativity. Set an example for your children by stressing the positive aspects of the Lenten experience.  Your shared reflections will build a stronger family bond and provide an opportunity for conversations about faith and why you observe certain practices. Renewing your spirits can be a wonderful gift of the Lenten season for the whole family.

What are some other ways to get involved in Lent as a family besides doing without something?

Lent offers families a great opportunity to draw closer together in faith. While it is tradition for many to give up something for Lent, there are other creative and inspiring ways for a family to participate in the season. Perhaps your family could dedicate 40 days to an act of spiritual practice, like attending church services and activities on a daily basis or engaging in reading Bible verses and discussions each day.

Alternatively, you could have each member choose a special way to express care toward another family member each day or volunteer at a soup kitchen together during Lent. Some people undertake a small act of kindness every day during Lent. You could also create and read Bible stories, play games focused on Jesus’ teachings, and end each day with a time of reflection, prayer, and gratitude. Spend this time of the year intentionally focusing on your faith as one big family.

How can you make sure that your family sticks to their Lenten promises and doesn’t cheat?

Staying true to Lenten’s promises is no small task! It helps to have a strategy that keeps your family on track throughout the season. One suggestion would be to create daily reminders: helpful messages around the house, in places you will see regularly like the kitchen table or laptop screensavers. You can also incorporate motivational activities into your Lenten journey, such as family outings, movie nights, or art projects. This sense of shared ownership will help give value and meaning to every effort made by your family. And lastly, emphasize how each member is making a valuable contribution! Leading up to Easter, remind everyone of their impactful commitment so they remain steadfast until the very end.

Families all over the world will be participating in Lent starting on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd. If you’re not sure what Lent is or why people give things up for it, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. Whatever you choose to do, we hope that your family has a blessed Lenten season!


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