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Friends and Coworkers

The Guideposts editor-in-chief shares why he’s grateful for his job.

I happened to be trolling through the video library today when I came across the one where Millie and Winky (Executive Editor Amy Wong’s dog) conduct a tour of the GUIDEPOSTS editorial offices in New York.

The dogs—with a little help from me—introduce you to some of the great people who make up our staff here, the talented folks who put together the magazines and websites. 

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my job, no? This level of satisfaction is due in part because I like the people I work with. This is a pretty good office. Though I’ve not worked at too many others I’ve certainly worked at enough to know how bad and dysfunctional some are, and how unhappy people can be stuck in a miserable working situation. 

Our staff is quirky—what else would you expect of writers and designers? Yet somehow we manage not to drive each other too crazy. We are dedicated. A couple of our most key people started out as interns then moved up to be my assistant before going on to greater things—Nikki Lorimer and Adam Hunter (they do the Mysterious Ways newsletter among other jobs).

My current editorial assistant was also a college (NYU) intern, Andrea Craig (she just started). Andrea replaced Alice, who you see in the video. Alice went back to Kansas to attend graduate school. 

Lately our creative director, Audrey Razgaitis, has been hobbling around on a bad knee, the result of too much soccer and tennis playing (not that Audrey is competitive or anything). Recently she announced she would be needing surgery; we have our fingers crossed.

Our ANGELS ON EARTH editor, Colleen Hughes, had a health scare this summer. That worried us too. She’s better now and back to beating the bushes for angels, and we’re all relieved.

Jessica, an online producer, just got married. It was a good excuse for a party. Senior Editor Jim Hinch’s wife stopped by the other day with their tiny new baby, Benjamin. Another senior editor, Evan Miller, just lost his father, and our prayers go out to him and his family.  

Yesterday the staff videotaped our musical online Christmas greeting, which you’ll see soon. Rick Hamlin directed the singing (Rick can actually sing) which was no small chore getting the 20 or so of us to make it through “Jingle Bells” in the middle of the work day. A few takes were needed and a silly time was had by all.

We are entering the season of gratitude and one thing I am grateful for is my job. I am especially grateful that I work with such good and caring people. If you’ve got a minute, why don’t you tell me about your job. I’d love to hear.

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of GUIDEPOSTS Publications.

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