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Dogs and Humans

Nothing makes us more human than our relationships with animals. We are two species who have grown together.

Millie at the dog run

dog run getting Millie her urban exercise and enjoying some canine social life. As much as she loves the country she does get lonely for other dogs. So this is good.

The run has a little pool and the dogs take turns at having a dip. No one knows exactly what the rules are but the dogs are very good about sharing the space, though occasionally it get so crowded it looks like a huge pile of wet fur and black noses.

Then there are the fetching balls. Those have rules too. Just a second ago a Lab who was monopolizing a tennis ball was persuaded by one dog to drop it and let someone else play. You could tell the Lab had mixed feelings about this, the ball being his life, but he complied with the rules of the run all the dogs seem to agree on.

There is a NatGeo special on this weekend about the 40,000-year-old relationship between people and dogs, its origins and evolution. We are two species who have grown together, joining our mutual strengths and needs into an evolutionary synthesis held together by love and respect. Nothing makes us more human than our relationships with animals.

Of course watching the people interact at the dog run is almost as interesting as watching the dogs carry on. I can’t help but notice the dogs sometimes bark at each other less than the people do.

Well, it’s time to watch Millie play with some of her friends…Buddy and Sasha and Zola and Mini. Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.

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