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Get Your Family Through Lent with Ease This Year

Try these tips to help make Lent a breeze for you and your family.

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Lent can be a trying time. There are always chocolate temptations around every corner, and it can be hard to stick to your fasting goals. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help make Lent a breeze for you and your family. They can help you stick with the act of giving something up and help you better understand the meaning of Lent.

Decide on what you’re giving up for Lent, and make sure everyone in the family is on board.

Lent is here, and, for many, it’s an opportunity to both reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Deciding what to give up can be a challenge, as we all have items that are difficult to part with. For example, ice cream, soda, or even your favorite TV show. To ensure that everyone participates fully and without being tempted by another family member’s non-commitment, make sure you get the entire family involved when deciding on a “shared sacrifice” this Lenten season. Brainstorm ideas together and decide as a group which item should be given up for the 40 days of Lent; it will create an opportunity for meaningful family conversations about belief, spirituality and hope.

Have a backup plan for when you’re feeling weak—maybe have some fruit or candy set aside.

When you’re feeling weak, it pays to have a backup plan! A sensible solution is to keep some flavorful fruit or candy close by for a quick pick-me-up. You can keep it in your bag, your desk drawer, or even your car so you know there’s something sugary and sweet within reach whenever you start feeling the slump. Even if you’re on a diet, having one little treat handy could help make all the difference when your energy levels dip. A backup plan of healthy and delicious snacks should be part of everyone’s wellness toolkit!

Get the kids involved by helping them to understand why you’re giving something up and how it will benefit them.

It can be challenging to get the kids on board when it comes to giving up something, but one great way to make it easier is by helping them to understand why it’s essential. When the whole family is in on the festivities, everyone wins! Explain how letting go of a particular activity or food will benefit their lives and daily routines—this will give them another perspective on why it’s important for their overall health. It may even be fun for them to come up with new activities that replace what they’re missing out on. Get creative and make it an exciting adventure.

Keep track of your progress together as a family, perhaps with a chart or calendar on the fridge.

Progress can often seem slow and hard to track, but with a chart or calendar up on the fridge, families can gain a sense of momentum in reaching their goals. Seeing those “check-mark achievements” day after day gives a whole family an extra boost of encouragement to press onward together. Plus, the act of creating a chart or calendar and writing down successes develops teamwork and communication between family members. It turns progress into something worth celebrating!

Celebrate your successes together at the end of Lent!

Lent is a time of reflection, renewal, and rejoicing. To truly commemorate the end of Lent, why not celebrate with your loved ones? Get everyone together to share stories about their Lenten journey and highlight your successes as a community. Not only will this gathering be meaningful from a spiritual perspective, but it can also provide an opportunity to show love and appreciation for one another. Celebrate this special season with food, music, and quality time spent together. Take some notes during the event to remember all the funny moments and heartfelt messages that came out of it. After all, celebrating the end of Lent together as a family will create lasting memories that nourish hearts throughout the year!

So, there you have it—some tips to help make Lent easier for the whole family. If you have any other helpful hints, send them our way. From all of us at Guideposts, Happy Lent!


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