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OurPrayer: Changing the World One Prayer at a Time

For over 60 years, OurPrayer, a prayer service of Guideposts, has prayed for millions of people from all over the world.

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OurPrayer is a faith-filled community reaching out and lifting those in need with the power of prayer. Through enriching prayer challenges, prayer events, uplifting newsletters, social media and additional efforts, OurPrayer strives to enrich people’s faith and provide meaningful spiritual direction. Discover the many ways Guideposts OurPrayer is changing the world one prayer at a time in the slideshow below.

OurPrayer Manager, Ty'Ann Brown prays with another during an OurPrayer Event.

1 of 7 OurPrayer Ministry: Praying for Over 8 Million Each Year

For over 60 years, prayer has been the bedrock of Guideposts ministry. In that time, millions— yes millions—of people have turned to OurPrayer, a prayer service of Guideposts, with their most personal prayer needs.  Last year, Guideposts OurPrayer ministry prayed for more than 8 million prayer requests received through the website, Facebook, phone, mail and the OurPrayer App. That’s an average of almost 3o thousand per day! Above OurPrayer Manager, Minister Ty’Ann Brown prays with an attendee of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission Outreach Event. Read more about Ty’Ann here.

Guideposts OurPrayer prayer request submission

2 of 7 Prayer: The Cure for Worry

Prayer Requests like the one above come in every minute from women and men, young and old—people who are facing life’s challenges and believe in the power of prayer. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of Guideposts said, “Why worry when you can pray?”

The Guideposts OurPrayer ministry offers help to those in need by strengthening their faith and helping them leave their worries in God’s hands.

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale found of Guideposts

3 of 7 How Praying for Others Began

Guideposts OurPrayer ministry  began in the early 1950s when Guideposts employees first began gathering to pray for prayer requests that came to the office from Guideposts magazine  readers. Every prayer request was prayed for by name and need. Today, Guideposts OurPrayer ministry continues the tradition of Prayer Fellowship with the staff by gathering every Monday  morning at 9:45 to pray together.

OurPrayer's Facebook uplifts and supports thousands each and every day.

4 of 7 Many Ways to Request Prayer

Guideposts OurPrayer ministry offers many channels for people to submit prayer: Guideposts’ website, OurPrayer’s Facebook page (pictured above),  Nuestra Oracion (OurPrayer’s Spanish Facebook page), the OurPrayer App for the iPhone and iPad, RealTime Prayer Call and good old-fashioned mail. The many ways available to pray, easy-to-use features and round-the-clock accessibility help those in need feel God’s comfort and the Guideposts community of prayer that surrounds them.

OurPrayer staff

5 of 7 OurPrayer’s Caring Prayer Volunteers

Behind every prayer submission Guideposts OurPrayer receives is a caring volunteer lifting each need with upmost care and concern. Specially trained volunteers enable Guideposts OurPrayer to offer a unique and important service of emailing personal prayer responses to those in need. Each personal prayer response is uniquely and beautifully composed to lift the heart of the recipient.

ablo Diaz, Vice President of Ministries for the Outreach Division of Guideposts, leads the prayer service for Good Friday Day of Prayer

6 of 7 OurPrayer Special Prayer Events

A few times a year the Guideposts OurPrayer community, volunteers and staff unite and pray together. Above, Pablo Diaz, Vice President of Ministries for the Outreach Division of Guideposts, leads the prayer service for Good Friday Day of Prayer.  In addition, throughout the year, OurPrayer organizes prayer challenges and prayer programs, designed to uplift and strengthen the faith of the community. Last year, our 40-Day Lenten Prayer Challenge received over 205,000 prayer requests.

Become an OurPrayer volunteer intercessor

7 of 7 Ways You Can Help the OurPrayer Ministry

Guideposts OurPrayer offers the wonderful opportunity to enrich your spiritual journey as you bring the comfort of God’s love to those in need, through the power of prayer. Become an OurPrayer volunteer intercessor—it’s flexible, easy and rewarding. Pray when and where it’s convenient for you. Learn how to join OurPrayer team of 3,000 plus intercessors, click here.

OurPrayer is possible through generous donations made by people who care. “I’m grateful to have the personal experience to reinforce other people’s faith and ask the Holy Spirit to reinforce the faith of other believers. Anyone who contributes to Guideposts OurPrayer ministry is making a powerful contribution to the lives of people in critical spiritual need.” –Millie C.

To learn how you can support OurPrayer ministry, click here.

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