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Angels And Wonders & Where Miracles Happen

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Angels and Wonders

By Joan Wester Anderson

How do you explain the “impossible”? Sometimes the ONLY answer is an angel!

This spirit-tingling collection of stories offer thrilling proof of angels in our midst—vividly describing dozens of life-changing angelic encounters by the men and women who experienced them. You’ll marvel at how these glorious signs and wonders tangibly demonstrate how angels lovingly meet our needs, graciously heal the sick and injured, miraculously protect us from danger, and tenderly comfort us in times of distress.

Each story will help sharpen your spiritual eyesight, so you can better see the work of angels in our midst. Better still, they’ll help you walk through life more confidently and at peace, secure in the knowledge that there is a God in heaven who loves us more than we can imagine—and that He has not abandoned us for even a second!

This Guideposts exclusive edition includes exclusive additional stories not available in stores.

YOUR FREE GIFT—Where Miracles Happen

To some, “It’s a miracle” is just an expression. But to the growing number of men and women who have actually experienced amazing, inexplicable occurrences firsthand, miracles are just as real as the air we breathe. In Where Miracles Happen, bestselling author Joan Wester Anderson shares dozens of stories of documented, miraculous events from physical healing, to bodily protection, to divine guidance and provision.

Each story vividly reinforces the likelihood that the boundary between heaven and earth is not as thick as we may think.

This deluxe hardcover edition also includes exclusive additional stories not available in stores. Best of all, it’s YOURS FREE to keep when you order Angels and Wonders.

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