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Blossom Street Trio – Debbie Macomber


Let bestselling author Debbie Macomber nurture your spirit with three delightful stories about true love, enduring friendships, and the way God can turn life’s struggles into our biggest blessings. This 3-book set is a Guideposts exclusive—not available in any stores. 

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Savor the blessings of good friends in this enchanting trio of novels exclusively from Guideposts. Plus, you’ll get 4 notecards with matching envelopes FREE with your order.

The Shop on Blossom Street

It could be that Blossom Street got its name because of the abundance of colorful flowers that fill the street. Or, maybe because it’s a place where new businesses bloom and big dreams are cultivated by entrepreneurs such as Lydia Hoffman. She couldn’t imagine opening her shop called A Good Yarn, anywhere else. For her it is the realization of a life-long dream and a symbol of making a fresh start, free of cancer. Step inside. You’ll love hanging out in her store framed with cubbies filled with yarn in every color and texture imaginable. They are offset by many extraordinary creations knitted by Lydia to inspire shoppers and remind them of what’s possible. For Lydia, knitting began as a way to take her mind off her cancer treatment and from there it became a creative passion she loves to share with others. She offers weekly classes for beginners and knit-ins for the more experienced. That is how she meets three very different women, whose lives become interwoven in unexpected ways.

Susannah’s Garden

Meet Susannah Nelson, a fifty-year old teacher, wife, and mother who is facing several emotional challenges at one time. As she goes back to her hometown to help her mother who is showing signs of dementia, she has to confront many conflicts and unresolved questions about her past and her first love. And, her twenty-year-old daughter, Chrissie, who has come along to help her grandmother, doesn’t make the journey any easier. After breaking up with her well-liked, stable boyfriend back in Seattle, Chrissie is falling for a boy who is up to no good, despite Susannah’s warnings. Could he be the son of her long-lost flame? Thankfully, Susannah’s high school friend Carolyn is there to help her reveal the truth. But will they do it in time to save Chrissie from getting hurt? Will Susannah’s marriage be strong enough to survive her need to dig into her past?

A Turn in the Road

Bethanne Hamlin has made a success of her Blossom Street business, called Parties. She was formerly married to George and now must decide if taking him back is the right choice, or if she should explore her budding relationship with a motorcycle-riding guy named Max. When Bethanne’s ex-mother-in -law wants to attend her 50th reunion all the way in Florida, Bethanne decides a road trip is just what she needs to figure it all out. Joining them is Annie, Bethanne’s adult daughter who needs her own getaway after her boyfriend did not propose, as she expected. The adventure these three generations of women go on becomes a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. Will they find true happiness in the road ahead? Who will Bethanne choose? Be there as their trials bring them closer, and their victories become your cause for celebration, too.

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