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Burning Secrets – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 5

When fire is seen pouring out of one of Macy Atherton’s Green Glad cottages, the prime suspect appears to be Macy herself! As Macy pleas for Elaine and Jan to help prove her innocence, the only thing that becomes clear is that the list of potential suspects is longer than anyone initially realized… Meanwhile, Jan’s daughter, Tara, uncovers more information regarding the curious sapphire ring that was found in the walls of Tea for Two. It’s another exciting adventure as Elaine and Jan seek to bring the community together by solving some of the most extraordinary mysteries ever to come to the small, cozy town of Lancaster!


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As Jan prepares for a group tea one autumn afternoon, she glances out the window and sees a plume of smoke arising from one of Macy Atherton’s Green Glade cottages! Macy’s desperate plea for Jan’s and Elaine’s help is followed by the appearance of Deputy Sheffield, who seems intent on questioning their sometimes difficult neighbor and customer. Arson? With Macy as the prime suspect? But not everything is as it appears. As Jan and Elaine follow the trail of clues, they uncover a much deeper mystery, with ties even to World War II. Meanwhile, Jan’s daughter, Tara, reaches an exciting milestone with her jewelry business and Elaine discovers some enticing information about the family that owned the mysterious sapphire ring they found. But how did it end up in the tearoom’s walls?

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