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Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm Book 3: Into Thin Air


Join Veterinarian Harriet Bailey as she navigates a whirlwind of unexpected events in her grandfather’s art gallery. Follow her quest to solve the mysteries and reunite a lost family. Will she uncover the truth before it’s too late? 



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Into Thin Air is the third book in the Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm fiction series. 

Veterinarian Harriet Bailey’s life becomes more hectic than usual when she reopens her grandfather’s art gallery. Between coping with an invasion of gray squirrels in the gallery’s loft, the many tourists lining up to get a glimpse of Grandad’s famous paintings, and the mysterious illness affecting a local farmer’s cattle, Harriet isn’t sure how much more she can handle.

But when her cat, Charlie, discovers a crying infant hidden in the bushes outside the clinic, Harriet’s other problems pale in comparison. Harriet met the baby’s mother earlier that very day, when the woman stopped in for an appointment with Harriet’s Aunt Jinny. So where is she now? As Harriet scrambles to find clues to help the police, she discovers that one of Grandad’s paintings is missing too! Are the two disappearances connected? With the help of her aunt and her trusty assistant, Polly Thatcher, Harriet is determined to chase down every lead and reunite this little family—before it’s too late. 

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