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Digging Up Doubts – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 21

Levi Miller leaves Cheryl in charge of his land while he’s out of town, but it soon becomes clear that someone is tearing up Levi’s fields! Who would want to hurt Levi’s business ventures? Alongside her new friend, Zoey Marsalla, Cheryl must get to the bottom of this mystery before the Millers risk losing their crops for the season!


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About Home Sweet Sugarcreek

When Levi Miller goes out of town and leaves Cheryl to look after his land, she never imagines she’ll have to do anything more than a quick drive-by every day. However, when she encounters a spate of mysterious digging episodes, which have torn up the fields Levi plans to seed soon, she must swing into action—with the help of a new sleuthing sidekick, Zoey Marsalla. As questions about Zoey and her story are uncovered, Cheryl must decide if she can trust her own instincts. Is the truth buried right under her nose and she simply can’t sniff it out?

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