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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 18 – A Promise Fulfilled: Hannah’s Story


Hannah’s tale: A poignant story where motherhood and enduring faith collide, leading to a heart-wrenching decision that tests the very limits of hope and sacrifice.


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A Promise Fulfilled: Hannah’s Story is book #18 in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

Hannah has never felt more blessed than the day she becomes Elkanah’s wife. Their love is strong, and their faith in God brings them closer together. But as the years go by and Hannah is unable to give her husband a child, her faith is tested—especially when his second wife gives him many children. Though Elkanah’s love for her never wavers, Hannah’s heart aches for the day she can hold her own child. She determines to remain steadfast in her belief that God will fulfill her deepest desires when the time is right. 

But when Hannah’s prayers are finally answered, she is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Will she choose to raise her son as a faithful servant of God, or will she honor the vow she made and give him up to serve a greater purpose?

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