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God’s Constant Presence Book 3: Blessed by His Love


Discover in Blessed by His Love, God’s unwavering love through inspiring true stories. Witness the ways He influences decisions, imparts wisdom, and grants peace. Let these powerful accounts inspire you to recognize God’s love in your life. 


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Blessed by His Love is the 3rd book in the God’s Constant Presence series. 

There are many ways to describe the love of those who mean most to us. But love takes on new meaning when it is the immense and unwavering love from God. Steadfast and unchanging, endless, and perfect are just a few of the words used in the Bible to describe God’s love for us.

Although God’s love is not always easy to see or understand, it is evident to the writers featured in Blessed by His Love. Their inspiring true stories bear witness to the ways God worked in their lives, directing their decisions, providing them with wisdom, granting them peace, giving them strength, forgiving them, and so much more.

Let the powerful accounts in Blessed by His Love encourage you to pay attention to the many ways God demonstrates His unfailing love for you.

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