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Grandfathered In – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 25

When a Denver-based investment company claims that it owns the rights to a multitude of properties in Silver Peak, it’s up to Sadie and her friends to investigate how legitimate these claims are. Will Sadie lose the land that her family has lived on for generations? Meanwhile, an anonymous blogger creates a post stating that Sadie and Edwin are engaged! Embarrassed by the publicity of the rumor, Sadie sets off to uncover the blogger and discover why anyone would want to put her personal life in the spotlight. Will Sadie be able to use her intuition to set her story straight, or is her reputation to be tarnished forever?


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The registered letter that arrives in Sadie’s mailbox contains a bombshell: a Denver investment company claims that it owns mineral rights to the land her family has occupied for generations, and it wants to begin drilling almost immediately. Skeptical but galvanized by the shocking correspondence, she sets out to discover if her grandfather truly did sell the rights and learns that her neighbors,too, are being pressured by this same company to sell their property. Can she uncover the truth in time to save the day? Meanwhile, when a blog post by the Chatterbox claims Sadie and Edwin are engaged and locals embarrass her with their effusive congratulations, she becomes determined to find out, once and for all, who is the elusive writer behind the blog. But has Silver Peak’s intrepid “antique lady” finally met her match?

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