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Mystery and Macarons – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 10


After numerous tourists report missing wallets, purses, and credit cards, it’s up to Elaine and Jan to get to the bottom of this before business at Tea for Two suffers as a result. Meanwhile, when it is discovered that Rose has met someone special, the cousins must come up with the right things to say in order to support her and ensure that her relationship doesn’t come to an abrupt end. Elaine and Jan also discover new secrets about their find at the flea market. How will everything come together? Find out in Mystery and Macarons, an intriguing exploit featuring clever sleuthing and a budding romance!


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When a Tea for Two patron’s wallet goes missing, the owners, Jan and Elaine, are determined to figure out what happened to it. The incident is not an isolated one: tourists all over Lancaster are reporting stolen wallets, purses, and credit cards. Who is behind the thefts? Can the intrepid cousins stop the culprit before the town’s reputation as an idyllic summer getaway is ruined and the tearoom’s business suffers?
Meanwhile, Rose seems distracted as she works to perfect her macaron recipe, and the cousins soon learn it’s because she has met someone special. Her new beau has a young daughter, and she wonders if she has what it takes to commit to the relationship. Can Jan and Elaine find the right words to help this young woman who has become so dear to them? They also uncover new secrets about the painting they bought at the flea market. Could it have ties to someone else they know and love?

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