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On Thin Ice- Tearoom Mysteries – Book 7

Someone from Elaine and Jan’s community has gone missing! Could it be related to the men that were seen ice-fishing out on the nearby lake? Meanwhile, a new customer at Tea for Two is delving into the neighborhood in order to search for some old coins. As Elaine and Jan investigate, they begin to wonder: could this unsuspecting woman, too, be related to the missing local? Read on in On Thin Ice, a mystery sure to take away the blues and fill any reader with a sense of wonder and amazement!


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As Tea for Two gears up for Valentine’s Day, Elaine and Jan hear some shouts behind the tearoom. They look out the window to frozen Chickadee Lake to observe what appear to be inebriated men leaving their ice-fishing shanty. But when the cousins learn that one of the members of their community has gone missing, they’re almost certain it’s one of the fishermen they saw. Were they witnesses to a crime? As the cousins delve into the man’s disappearance, they learn that this incident could be more complex than they imagined.
Meanwhile, a new regular at the tearoom seems intent on disrupting the neighborhood in search for some old coins. Why does she care so much? And could this charming and seemingly innocent woman be involved in the crime on the lake?

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