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Prayers and Promises – Home to Heather Creek – Book 14


October’s challenges stir the Stevensons: secrets, aspirations, and relationships unfold against the backdrop of harvest and love. A captivating journey of family and growth. Order Today!


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About Home to Heather Creek

The lives of the Stevenson’s and their grandchildren unfold in this captivating story of the remarkable change that comes from the love of family, the kindness of others, sheer persistence and unshakable faith. The gentle yet poignant stories will endear you to the characters, especially Charlotte as she struggles with raising her three grandchildren who have just lost their mother. As you follow their inspiring story, you’ll feel a part of this friendly, loving community, where you’ll see God’s grace in every circumstance.

Book Description

Prayers and Promises – Book 14

October brings cooler weather, pumpkins, the harvest…and unexpected challenges for the Stevensons. Emily’s class project leads to all kinds of questions about her grandparents’ wedding so many years ago, and Sam is doing everything he can to put off thinking about his college applications. Christopher is investigating suspicious tire tracks by the old windmill and finds himself in the middle of a debate about the future of the farm.

And when Charlotte and Bob are asked to speak at a seminar for young married couples, they’re forced to take a closer look at their own relationship and their influence on others. Can Charlotte convince Bob to overcome his fear of public speaking and offer his wisdom to the people who need it most? Pete has marriage on his mind a lot these days too. Could he really be thinking about settling down? With wedding bells on the horizon, Charlotte tries to help them all remember the importance of prayers and the significance of promises.

Book Details
Author: Robert Elmer
Book Format: eBook
Page Count: 230 pages

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