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The Not So Civil War – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 23


When Nellie Brown and Betty Warring’s family heirloom—an antique dueling pistol dating back to the Civil War—goes missing, the siblings become hostile toward one another. Furthermore, the missing pistol may ruin an acquaintanceship that Anne, Ben, and Liddie began with an actor in the local Civil War reenactment. Can Anne find the heirloom before two friendships are sacrificed in vain?


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About The Not So Civil War

A Civil War reenactment group has turned Blue Hill’s park into a historic battlefield, but there’s a battle of a different type brewing after a precious heirloom goes missing. Elderly sisters Nellie Brown and Betty Warring share a home and the biographies they regularly check out from the library, but when an antique dueling pistol awarded to their ancestor during the Civil War disappears, the siblings turn against each other. It’s up to Anne to find out what happened to the valuable pistol and mend their relationship.

Meanwhile, Anne, Ben, and Liddie befriend a family participating in the reenactment, but suspicions regarding the missing pistol might ruin their new friendship before it even begins.

About the Series
BLUE HILL, PA. A charming town lined with rolling hills and peaceful Victorian homes. A place where neighbors greet neighbors with a welcoming wave and strangers soon become friends. Here, a gorgeous old house bequeathed by a beloved great-aunt becomes both a library and a home to young widow Anne Gibson and her two lively children. Here, where history and mystery, past and present come together, Anne must use her clever mind and flair for research to uncover the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library.

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