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Trouble Brewing – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 9

After discovering that the Lancaster Community Church has been broken into, Elaine and Jan investigate the matter. It appears as though two items have been stolen, leaving one to wonder only one thing: why? Meanwhile, the cousins pick up something interesting from the local flea market, which could very well carry its own mystery with it. Find out what happens in this stirring page-turner that will take you away to the cozy town of Lancaster, Maine!


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When Jan Blake and Elaine Cook arrive at Lancaster Community Church to prepare for the Mother Daughter Tea, they discover that the historic white clapboard building has been broken into. Have the cousins stumbled on to yet another mystery? At first, it appears that nothing was taken, but it soon becomes clear that something valuable—dating back to the very founding of Maine and part of Pastor Mike’s family history—is gone. And then another unusual item, far less valuable, is discovered missing too. Who ransacked the church and took these things?

The plot thickens as red herrings sidetrack the sleuthing cousins from their pursuit of clues and, as is often the case when there’s trouble brewing in Lancaster, the truth is more surprising and complex than they could imagine. Meanwhile, Elaine’s daughter arrives for a visit from Colorado, and the cousins’ latest flea market find might very well bring with it a mystery of its own.

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