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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 14: Set the World on Fire


Janet and Debbie are caught in an arson investigation in the town. Suspects and motives multiply as they search for answers. A mysterious man’s arrival sparks questions about the past. Can they safeguard their friend’s secrets and keep him safe? 


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Set the Word on Fire, is the 14th book in the Whistle Stop Cafe’ Mysteries fiction series.

The residents of Dennison are shocked when a warehouse containing the police force’s evidence of recent crimes is set ablaze, and crucial items needed to convict criminals go up in smoke.

Janet Shaw, wife of the police chief, and her best friend and business partner, Debbie Albright, find themselves right in the middle of the investigation when they discover clues that the arsonist might be someone they’ve met in the café. Who set the fire—and what crime was the culprit trying to cover up? As Janet and Debbie search for answers, more suspects and motives appear on their radar.  

Meanwhile, the American Soldiers Homecoming Tribute Festival brings a mysterious man to town asking about Harry Franklin. When Harry, one of the friendliest people around, shows a reluctance to meet him, Janet and Debbie must wonder what the man wants with Harry, as well as what secrets Harry might be hiding about his history with the stranger. Can they keep their friend safe while respecting his privacy? 

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