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5 Stories of Miraculously Found Family Heirlooms

These priceless objects might have been lost forever if not for some divine intervention.
Antique quilt pattern; Getty Images

Is there anything more precious than a family heirloom, passed down with love from generation to generation? It’s even more precious if it’s been lost and miraculously found. Check out our favorite stories of family heirlooms divinely returned.

1. The Family Bible
When Dusty Gibson was seven years old, her mom and sister returned from the park to find their home on fire. Luckily no one was home, but everything inside was ruined. Except one item. It sat in the center of a charred coffee table, slightly singed but not too much worse for wear. The little green family Bible. But Dusty hadn’t seen the Bible in years. The family had lost it during a move. She assumed it was lost forever, until one day when her phone rang…
Discover the remarkable story behind Dusty’s family Bible.

2. The Missing Diamond
When Deb King fell off her husband, Jim’s motorcycle, she miraculously survived with no life-threatening injuries. But she lost her the diamond on her wedding ring, a family heirloom that went back to Jim’s great-great-aunt. Jim searched but the diamond was lost in a sea of grass and weeds. He even asked their congregation to come back and help him search again. No luck. Four weeks later, Deb’s sister encouraged her to look one more time. “Look for something sparkling,” she had told her. That was obvious. That’s what everyone had been looking for. And yet, that word stayed at the forefront of Deb’s mind. Maybe she would see a sparkle where others had not…
Was there something significant about the word “sparkling” as Deb searched for her lost diamond?

3. Miracle of the Kiddush Cup
Michael Bornstein was born in Żarki, Poland into the chaos of WWII. At just four years old, he was sent—along with his entire family—to Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi death camp in Poland. In his book Survivors Club, Michael details the horrors of his experience during the Holocaust, but also the many miracles he witnessed as one of the tragedy’s youngest survivors. Such as the survival of a small, silver Kiddush cup that ended up becoming a symbol of hope, faith and perseverance for Michael in the aftermath of one of the darkest events of human history.
Learn how the preservation of a sacred family heirloom bolstered Michael’s family’s faith.

4. Grandmother’s Quilts
Gloria Urian never knew her grandmother, but she knew all about her quilts. Back in the day, people talked about those quilts for miles around. Her applique and pieced works. Her artistic selection of fabrics. Her intricate, even stitches. They would be cherished heirlooms…if only Gloria’s family had held onto them. One day Gloria, her mom and her aunt decided to track down the long-lost quilts. But where would they even begin? And where would their searching lead them?
Read the incredible story of Gloria’s grandmother’s quilts.

5. The Rose Pendant
Before heading to summer camp, Tabitha Watson double-checked that she had everything she needed. Toothbrush. Check. Socks. Check. She touched her neck to make sure she was wearing her great grandmother’s necklace, a simple rose pendant on a gold chain. Check. At camp, Tabitha and her friends played a muddy game of capture the flag. When they went to the bathroom to clean up, Tabitha looked in the mirror and her stomach dropped. Her neck was bare. The rose pendant was gone!
Would Tabitha be able to find her lost pendant in a field of mud?

Fascinated by stories of family heirlooms? Join the four friends of the Miracles of Marble Cove series as they discover mysterious old documents at a university in the book, Family Heirlooms.

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