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  • 40% off A New Chapter - Secrets of Mary's Bookshop - Book 1

    Join Mary and the community of Ivy Bay on a cozy mystery out in the reaches of Cape Cod as they seek to save the bookshop and uncover truths they could never have guessed! 

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    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Rewriting History Book Cover

    When Mary’s Mystery Bookshop hosts an event featuring a famous author, Mary can’t help but notice that one of the guests in the audience looks remarkably like her old friend, Claire! But when Mary goes to reintroduce herself to her once-best friend, she disappears without a trace. As if this wasn’t profound enough, rumors begin to spread around Ivy Bay about a secret relationship between Claire and Mary’s husband, John.  Are the rumors just rumors, or was there an unwelcome romance that Mary was never aware of? And what exactly is it that Claire is running away from?

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Reading the Clues Book Cover

    Mary’s sister, Betty, has received a most unwelcome letter; she is being sued by the Hopkinses, who claim that her family’s mill belongs to them! Betty, unwilling to relinquish control of a landmark that has belonged to her family for generations, confides in Mary to get to the bottom of this accusation. But will history tell a tale that sides with the Emerson family, or do the Hopkinses have a legitimate claim to the Emerson Grist Mill? Find out in this fantastic page-turner that will take you away to the small town of Ivy Bay in Cape Cod, where the weather is always fine and guests are always welcome!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off The Writing on the Wall Book Cover

    Mary has just found an ancient map in the Ivy Bay lighthouse that could be related to an ancestor of her friend, Henry! Henry’s ancestor, David, was rumored to have stolen a vast sum of money and a valuable sapphire ring; could the map lead to the location where David hid his loot? However, Mary’s investigation is met with a surprisingly large amount of resistance, and it soon becomes clear that various individuals in Ivy Bay don’t want her looking into the mystery. Are there others who are hungry for treasure, and can Mary find it before they do?

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off By Word of Mouth Book Cover

    During a meeting of the Winter Warmth Book Chat, a valuable, signed copy of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie is stolen! The book was to be sold with the intention of helping Isabella receive a kidney transplant; with the book now missing, everyone in the book club is a suspect. With Ivy Bay being host to its own Agatha Christie mystery, will Mary be able to uncover the thief in time to help Isabella? Find out in another adventure in Ivy Bay, where faith and friendship go hand-in-hand!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off A Book By Its Cover

    A mysterious figure has left a set of beautiful books outside of Mary’s Mystery Bookshop! Each book contains an ancient letter addressed to a man named Edward from… Mary’s mother? As Mary looks into the story behind the letters, she discovers a shocking revelation that could change everything she and Betty knew about their mother. Do they really want to know the story that history has to tell, or are some mysteries better left unsolved?

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Missing Pages Book Cover

    During Ivy Bay’s annual Fourth of July Parade, Amanda Branson—a local high school student—goes missing without a trace! As the police search fruitlessly, Mary believes that she saw Amanda at the docks only moments after the parade. However, without any hard evidence, no one is willing to look into her claims. With time running short and the investigation becoming ever more frantic, Mary receives help from an unlikely source; the question is, will it be enough, or is it too little too late? Find out in this unique mystery full of more twists and turns than the shoreline of Cape Cod!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Poetry in Motion Book Cover

    Mary has made a potentially newsworthy discovery! When she finds a poem by Katherine Lee Bates that could potentially be the progenitor to the classic song “America the Beautiful,” she brings it to Lincoln King to have it authenticated. However, during Lincoln’s research, the poem is mysteriously stolen! With a wide variety of suspects and only a small window of time to recover the poem, will Mary be able to find the culprit? Join her in the investigation on another cozy adventure and escape to the beautiful town of Ivy Bay, where mysteries are abounding!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Between the Lines Book Cover

    Something is amiss in Ivy Bay! Mary’s neighbor, Cathy, is excited to go on a sunset whale-watching excursion with her new boyfriend. However, when Mary finds evidence to suggest that Cathy never came home from her date, she begins to look into the matter. Mary’s investigation reveals that not only is Cathy missing, but there was no whale-watching excursion hosted on the night that she had said she planned it! Could this be a case of a romance gone wrong, or is Cathy hosting some secrets of her own?

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off By the Book

    When Sweet Susan’s Bakery is severely damaged in a fire, Susan must find other ways of producing income before she goes bankrupt from repair costs. As if money was not a large enough problem, evidence turns up that suggests the fire was set intentionally! Although Ivy Bay’s best sleuth, Mary, is on the job, the overwhelming amount of potential suspects could make this the most challenging case that Mary has ever encountered. Could the fire have been caused by a competitor, or is the perpetrator someone closer to home? Join Mary and her friends from Ivy Bay in an unforgettable mystery full of adventure, intrigue, and satisfying resolutions!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off Disappearing Acts Book Cover

    Mary is contributing to Ivy Bay’s baseball spirit by creating an exhibit full of baseball memorabilia, including her late husband’s prized game ball signed by the entire 1970 Red Sox organization. But before the exhibit is set to open, someone replaces the ball with a counterfeit one! To make matters worse, it appears as though other features in the exhibit have been stolen and replaced with fakes as well! Can Mary track down the thief and use her husband’s baseball as a means of helping a children’s charity like he intended? Find out in Disappearing Acts, an exciting mystery that tells a story of compassion like nothing else before!

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 40% off The Lost Noel - Secrets of Mary's Bookshop - Book 15-0

    Grace Church is putting on a living Nativity to celebrate the Christmas season, and everyone in the congregation is lending a hand in the production. But when costumes are stolen, flyers are removed, and the sheep escape, it appears as though someone is trying to sabotage the living Nativity! Can Mary and her friends from Ivy Bay track down the saboteur, or will faith and teamwork prove to be insufficient to save Christmas cheer at Grace Church?

    $9.99 - $17.95

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