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Witnessing Heaven Series

  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 13: Embraced by Heaven -0

    Embraced by Heaven unveils the breathtaking beauty of a place described in the Bible—a realm of peace, joy, and divine light. Explore heavenly wonders through near-death experiences, renewing faith in God’s glorious embrace. No hunger, pain, or tears; just righteousness, justice, health, and love await.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 8: A Glorious Light-0

    Experience A Glorious Light: Illuminating Near-Death Journeys. Discover life-changing encounters with heaven’s radiant glow. Dive into firsthand accounts of ordinary people transformed by the warm and divine love of God’s dazzling light. Let your heart be forever touched by the brilliance of these remarkable stories.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 9: In The Presence of Love-0

    Discover In the Presence of Love: Unveiling Heaven’s Boundless Love. Be captivated by firsthand accounts of ordinary people forever transformed by divine encounters. Experience the extraordinary details of their heavenly journey and the overwhelming love of God. Find comfort in the assurance that His love awaits, ready to embrace you in the eternal embrace of heaven.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 10: Wonders of Heaven -0

    Experience A Promise Fulfilled: Wonders of Heaven. Astonishing firsthand accounts unveil the glories of paradise. Witness the golden light, infinite love, perfect peace, and breathtaking beauty. Let these stories ignite hope, revealing that life after death is not a wish, but a promise fulfilled.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 11: Glimpses of Eternity-0

    Discover the heavenly in “Glimpses of Eternity.” True accounts of near-death experiences unveil the glorious home God has prepared for us beyond Earth. Strengthen your faith and anticipate your eternal dwelling place.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 12: A Place of Light and Love-0

    A Place of Light and Love unveils the heavenly realm through near-death experiences, where divine love, radiant light, and indescribable magnificence abound. Journey with four witnesses to a joy-filled, peaceful, and luminous eternal home.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 7: A Joy Like No Other-0

    Discover A Joy Like No Other: Dive into extraordinary true stories of near-death experiences, revealing a glimpse of heavenly realms. Find hope in the promise of eternal joy, love, and beauty. Let these firsthand accounts transform your life with lasting peace and unparalleled joy.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 1: Heavenly Encounters-26818

    Uncover heaven’s wonders in Heavenly Encounters, the captivating debut in the Witnessing Heaven series. Journey alongside ordinary individuals transformed by their afterlife experiences, carrying powerful messages of love. Explore vibrant sights, sounds, and colors, affirming reunions with loved ones. Discover scientific breakthroughs, affirming heaven’s reality.

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    $17.95 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 2: Messages From Heaven-0

    Unveil the mysteries of heaven in Messages from Heaven, the captivating sequel in the Witnessing Heaven series. Discover firsthand accounts of near-death experiences that will leave you transformed. Embrace the wonders, hope, and comfort shared by those who journeyed to the afterlife and returned with life-altering revelations. Open your heart to enrich your faith and embrace the promise of God

    $17.95 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 3: Transformed by Heaven-0

    Transformed by Heaven, discover the extraordinary power of near-death experiences. Uncover the depths of unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion as four individuals share their captivating firsthand accounts. Prepare to be awestruck by the profound transformations that await within this remarkable addition to the Witnessing Heaven series.

    $17.95 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 4: A Love Beyond Words-0

    Introducing A Love beyond Words: Be captivated by an ethereal blend of blinding light, soul-stirring melodies, and unearthly colors. Join five extraordinary souls on their heavenly journey, sharing remarkable encounters with God’s indescribable love. These near-death experiences will redefine your perception and deepen your understanding of a love that transcends life and beyond.

    $9.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Witnessing Heaven Book 5: A Choir of Angels-0

    Discover a hidden realm where angels transcend their traditional image. A Choir of Angels unveils their true power as they guide, protect, and escort us home. Encounter angels during near-death experiences and be inspired by their heavenly presence. With hope, protection, and joy, let their stories ignite your own praise to God, echoing their proclamation of everlasting life.

    $9.99 - $17.95

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