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Witnessing Heaven Book 7: A Joy Like No Other

Discover A Joy Like No Other: Dive into extraordinary true stories of near-death experiences, revealing a glimpse of heavenly realms. Find hope in the promise of eternal joy, love, and beauty. Let these firsthand accounts transform your life with lasting peace and unparalleled joy.


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A Joy Like No Other is the 7th book in the Witnessing Heaven nonfiction series.

Now more than ever, the world needs hope. Could it be that near-death experiences occur to bring us that hope? Are they meant to reassure us that our earthly life will be replaced with an eternal joy we cannot comprehend?

A Joy Like No Other delivers incredible true stories of the unseen and holy. In these pages, ordinary people share their firsthand accounts of heaven. Learn from them how all that they experienced—including eternal love, beauty, and laughter—forever changed their earthly lives. As you receive a glimpse of God’s promise of heaven through reading these personal narratives, we hope you will incorporate their joy and peace into your own life.

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