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You’re In My Prayers

The Guideposts executive editor prays for a neighbor in need.

I was thinking about a neighbor Carol and I have been praying for. Quite frankly I was wondering if we should tell her or not. 

What does it mean to know that people are praying for you? Would she understand how it was meant to help? And how would I ever explain that?

All this was going through my head the other morning while I was jogging in the neighborhood and through the park. “Hey old man,” one old friend called out as he passed me going the other way. “Nice shirt,” said a woman, teasing me about my old ratty T-shirt. “Keep it up, Mr. Hamlin,” a neighbor called from her car as she passed. 

With each exchange, I felt a little lighter in my step, encouraged, amused, reassured. It made the run go faster and smoother, knowing I wasn’t alone. 

“Of course,” I thought to myself, “that’s what it’s like when friends pray for you or put you on a prayer list. You’re reminded that whatever you’re going through, however you’re struggling, you’re not alone.” 

What a wonderful thing to say to somebody: You’re in my prayers. You’re sharing their burdens. You’re reminding them that they’re a part of a larger community. You’re asking God to be with them in ways you can’t. You put yourself on a course with them, encouraging them all the way. 

Rick Hamlin is the executive editor at GUIDEPOSTS.    

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