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Helpful Tips for Recognizing Scam Artists

The thing we value most is your trust. We’re concerned whenever we hear that you’ve been approached by scam artists claiming to represent Guideposts. It can be hard to tell if a sales call or offer in the mail is legitimate because scam artists sound believable. Here are some tips for identifying these deceptive practices.

If you hear from a company saying they represent Guideposts:

Check the originating number of the phone call: We very rarely call our subscribers, and when we do, the originating number that shows up in caller ID is our customer service number: (800) 431-2344. If the call you receive originates from any other number, it’s not from us.

Verify the return address and web address. The address for Guideposts’ customer service is one of several P.O. boxes in Harlan, IA 51593-1314. The web address is customerservice. Be skeptical about any offer coming from another address.

The price should not be exorbitant. Scam artists will offer subscriptions at rates that are sometimes twice what Guideposts charges. Check the price and check back with us.

Look for disclaimers. They might say that the “agent” doesn’t necessarily have a relationship with the publisher or that the offer is not an invoice coming directly from the publication. The wording is often confusing and meant to be. Don’t be fooled.

The details should be very clear. All the information, including the price and number of issues, should be clearly stated.

Is a telemarketer pushing for immediate payment? Our subscribers are protected by our Preferred Subscriber Guarantee. We will gladly accept your order and bill you later. Anyone asking for immediate payment is not representing Guideposts.

If something doesn’t sound right or feel right, get in touch with us. If you have any doubts about an offer from a company claiming to be Guideposts, let us know at (800) 431-2344. Our customer-service representatives will be happy to help you. We are grateful to the readers who have alerted us to scam artists. Not only are they helping us, but they’re concerned about you. If you have received what seems to be a fraudulent offer, send it to us. We need to know so we can help protect you and all our readers.

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