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7 People Who Encountered God

Stranded on a mountain, a perfectly-time phone call—these folks had divine encounters that changed their lives.
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How do you experience God? A voice, a divine nudge, an important reminder or just a powerful feeling? For these folks facing struggles, encountering God happened in different ways. You might even have some similar experiences. How have you encountered God in your own life?

Don Embry with his banjo sharing his god encounter and story of faith

1 of 7 God’s Grace and a Banjo

For years, Don Embry from Ladysmith, Virginia, zigzagged between drunkenness and fitful attempts to start over. He’d drifted away from the band he loved playing in and stowed his banjo in a closet. When he reached his lowest point, he had no money and was about to lose his home. “God,” he whispered, “please help me.” Learn how an encounter with God’s grace helped Don begin anew.

Luca Suliveras stands outside sharing his god encounter and story of faith

2 of 7 Luca’s Near-Death Experience

Luca Suliveras from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was born a perfectly healthy 10-pound baby. But three weeks later, he woke up in the middle of the night with a fever that wouldn’t go away. Between doctors and nurses and tests, it was a terrifying time for his mom, Katherine. Even after Luca recovered, the memories would haunt her for years… Until Luca, at age 5, told her something she would never forget. Read about Luca’s mystical encounter with the divine.

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Lou Dean outdoors sharing her god encounter and faith story

3 of 7 The Great Outdoors

Lou Dean couldn’t help wondering why God had directed her to Dinosaur, Colorado. Every afternoon, she and her dogs took long walks through the hills. The area was high desert, mostly sagebrush, cedar trees and oil derricks. She was homesick and regretted moving. Yet over time, she learned that place was not so desolate. See how Lou Dean found God in the landscape around her. 

Tiera Fletcher and her family on the beach sharing her god encounter and story of faith

4 of 7 All Things

Tiera Fletcher from Kihei, Hawaii, felt like she was drowning. She had a newborn baby and a two-year-old son. The house was in disarray. She hadn’t cooked a healthy meal in days. She was behind on her schoolwork. How was she possibly going to manage when she went back to work as a rocket scientist after her maternity leave? I can do all things, she thought. If only. Learn how Tiera encountered God in a new way through a simple Bible verse. 

Rebecca Benjamin and her husband, Mike, on a mountaintop sharing their god encounter and story of faith

5 of 7 A Mountaintop Rescue

Rebecca Benjamin and her husband, Mike, from Niskayuna, New York, reached the 4,620-foot summit of a mountain in the Adirondacks. But when Mike took a bad fall and broke his ankle, Rebecca had no idea how they would get him back down. The sun was sinking in the sky. What if Mike went into shock? Rebecca worried. There was nothing they could do except wait and pray. Read how Rebecca’s prayers were answered by a heaven-sent rescue crew.

Tonya May Avent smiling and sharing her god encounter and story of faith

6 of 7 A Divine Phone Call

Tonya May Avent from Woolwich Township, New Jersey, didn’t recognize the voice on the phone. “Tonya, this is Jen Haas from Highland High School,” the voice said. Tonya and Jen had been members of their school’s chorale more than 20 years earlier. “I don’t know if you remember me,” Jen said, “but recently I was diagnosed with ALS. I’m reaching out to people I need to make things right with before I die.” Learn how this surprise encounter was divinely orchestrated to bring both Tonya and Jen spiritual healing.

Jim "Bubba" Jay standing on road sharing his god encounter and story of faith

7 of 7 Bubba’s Miraculous Encounter

Jim “Bubba” Bay from Pine Plains, New York was in danger. A freak accident on a deserted country road left him convinced he was going to die. But as he lay on the ground, gravely injured and awaiting the end, a figure bathed in bright light brought him new hope. Read how Bubba’s encounter with God saved his life in more ways than one.

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