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Listen to These Classic Guideposts Holiday Stories


A Classic Guideposts Christmas with Dick Van DykeChristmas Is a Time of Joy
Listen as Van Dyke shares a tale of a young American sailor who almost miraculously sparks the Christmas spirit among a ragtag group of diners in a small, rather dismal French cafe.



Christmas treeThe Winner
Listen to the tale of a Franciscan priest who threw a holiday party for the children at Arizona's Santa Xavier Reservation Mission, an event that helped one boy—and the priest—learn the true meaning of Christmas.



A bough of hollyThe Radiant Christmas
A group of airmen in 1941, informed that they won't be given holiday leave at Christmas, are reminded of the magic of the season by a planetarium presentation created just for them. Listen >



Wrapped Christmas presentsGary the Newsboy
Here's the heartwarming story of a generous and grateful newsboy who, though his means were limited, demonstrated a firm grasp of the true meaning of Christmas. Listen >



Christmas bellsLet's Keep Christmas
Listen to a Christmas message inspired by Peter Marshall, formerly pastor of Washington, D.C.'s New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and Chaplain of the United States Senate.


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