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20 Favorite ‘Guideposts Classics’ Stories

In our 75 years, Guideposts has published inspiring stories from people in every field of creative endeavor from Al Roker to Corrie ten Boom, Fred Rogers and Tim Conway.
Fred Rogers, Corrie ten Boom and James Stewart

As Guideposts celebrates its 75th anniversary, here are 20 classic stories from inspiring authors, actors, astronauts, singers and broadcasters that have proven to be reader favorites over the years.

Corrie ten Boom on Forgiveness
In this story from 1972, the author of The Hiding Place recalls forgiving a guard at the concentration camp where her sister died.

Ernest Borgnine’s Inspiring Good Friday Vision
The acclaimed actor recalls a divine vision he received while filming a scene for Franco Zeffirelli’s acclaimed 1977 miniseries Jesus of Nazareth.

Al Roker on the Miracle of Childbirth
The Today co-anchor shares that he and his wife, who very much wanted to have a baby, relied on faith and hope to see them through what would be an emotional and spiritual journey.

Tim Conway on Answered Prayer
The beloved funnyman shares a tale of childhood faith and answered prayer in a story he wrote for Guideposts in 2007.

Robert Duvall on Faith and Inspiration
The Oscar winner reveals how playing a preacher in the 1997 film The Apostle impacted his spiritual life.

Perry Como on Faith, Family and Prayer
In this story from 1953, the crooner and television star reveals how important faith was to his life and his career.

Michael Landon on God’s Blessings
The award-winning actor and director shares how he came to understand that he had a special talent–and it wasn’t acting.

When Buzz Aldrin Took Communion on the Moon
In a story published just over a year after he walked on the moon, the Apollo 11 astronaut reveals that the first liquid poured and the first food eaten on the moon were communion elements.

Ray Bradbury on Celebrating God’s Gifts
The accomplished science fiction author shares how an encounter with a sideshow performer convinced him to embrace the gifts God had given him.

Fred Rogers on a Grandfather’s Love
Television’s “Mr. Rogers” recalls the man who helped him believe in himself in this story from 1980.

Doris Day Finds Harmony in Faith
In 1958, with her career at its peak, the actress, singer and animal-rights activist shared the sense of calm that faith brought to her life.

Beverly Garland on Faith Conquering Fear
Actress Beverly Garland shares a quote that taught her the importance of faith and self-assurance.

Paul Harvey on Submitting to God
One of America’s best-loved broadcasters shares the discovery that made his life complete.

Jimmy Stewart on ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’
The two-time Oscar winner takes us behind the scenes of perhaps the most beloved Christmas movie of all time, 41 years after its initial release.

Agnes Moorehead on Why She Read the Bible
In 1965, when she was a regular on the popular series Bewitched, the Emmy-winning actress revealed the importance of the Holy Book to her life and her career.

Andy Griffith on God’s Grace
The beloved actor shares how he came to rely on God’s grace and the love of his wife as he battled a mysterious illness.

Danny Thomas on Prayer and Promises
In this story from May 1981, the actor and comedian recalls how an answered prayer led him to found Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Johnny Cash on Overcoming Addiction
The country music legend recalls his struggle with drugs—and the Bible verse that inspired his recovery—in this story from 1970.

Luciano Pavarotti on Making the Most of God’s Gifts
The world-renowned tenor shares how he came to embrace the gift God had given him.

Gloria Gaynor on Finding Faith
In this story from 1998, the two-time Grammy winner shares how, though she had achieved great success in her career, there was something missing until she learned who Jesus really was.

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