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Projects for Your Home

Decorating expert Kelee Katillac shares some do-it-yourself tips.

Positive thinking tips for decorating your home

Our house and home expert Kelee Katillac adds a twist to renovating!

Tea Towel Curtains
If you don’t have any old tea towels at home, you can easily find some at any discount store. I’ve found that linen napkins will work well too. The easiest way to decorate them is with permanent markers. Pick bright sunny colors and do a bold design. The light will come through the colors so that they will almost look like stained-glass windows.

I decorated my curtains with purple grapes, orange slices and a sprinkle of stars. I fringed the sides and bottoms—it helped them hang evenly and gave another pop of color to the room. And I hung them with simple curtain rings you can find at any hardware store. For non-sewers, get clip-on curtain rings that just pinch the fabric.

I like to think my seventh-grade sewing teacher would be pleased with my ingenuity. 

The Flower Empower Shade
Rescue an old lamp shade from a flea market and decorate it with fabric flowers. You can get flowers and glue at any craft store. For every flower I glue on I think a positive thought. When the shade is lit up (use a 60-watt bulb or lower), it reminds me of all the affirmations that have sustained me.

Read more about Kelee’s twist on renovating in The Inspired Home.

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