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Bad Dad Radio

A free podcast about a father who simply wants to improve and grow.

This Father’s Day, give your dad or husband the gift of a great listen. Bad Dad Radio is a free podcast that offers tips, resources and empathy for dads (and moms) struggling with the joys and challenges of marriage and parenthood.

Bad Dad Roland, “father of four and husband of one,” started the podcast back in 2006. He’s apparently called Bad Dad because he hears it often gets from his kids. But you quickly realize Roland is not bad at all, but simply a guy who wants to improve and grow. Download his show for any dad who needs to know he’s not alone.

Often Bad Dad pairs up with another dad to create DadRivisted.com. Their exchanges are like NPR’s “Car Talk” for dads.

And for those dads who like to crank up a podcast in the car (perhaps to drown out the sound of screaming children?), no worries, it’s rated G. G for Great!

—Alina Larson

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